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Rodney CarringtonA Beer Is Better Than A Woman
Rodney CarringtonA Letter To My Penis (Big Band Version)
Rodney CarringtonAll About Sex
Rodney CarringtonBad Pickup Lines
Rodney CarringtonBurnin' Sensation
Rodney CarringtonCarlos
Rodney CarringtonCarlos, Man Of Love
Rodney CarringtonChicken Song
Rodney CarringtonDancing With A Man
Rodney CarringtonDear Penis
Rodney CarringtonDear Penthouse
Rodney CarringtonDon't Look Now
Rodney CarringtonFred
Rodney CarringtonGay Factory Worker
Rodney CarringtonGreat To Be A Man
Rodney CarringtonI Hope You Die
Rodney CarringtonIn Her Day
Rodney CarringtonIt's To Late ( Radio Edit )
Rodney CarringtonIt's Too Late
Rodney CarringtonJust One Beer
Rodney CarringtonLetter To My Penis
Rodney CarringtonLittle Things
Rodney CarringtonLittle Things That Piss Me Off (Radio Version)
Rodney CarringtonMasturbation
Rodney CarringtonMen And Women
Rodney CarringtonMomma's Got Her Boobs Out
Rodney CarringtonMorning Wood
Rodney CarringtonMy Angel Friend
Rodney CarringtonOlder Women
Rodney CarringtonPickup Truck
Rodney CarringtonPlay Your Cards Wrong
Rodney CarringtonPrison Bitch
Rodney CarringtonPrison Bitch(Complete Version)
Rodney CarringtonRap Star
Rodney CarringtonShe'd Be A Millionaire
Rodney CarringtonShoot The Interrogator, Rodney!
Rodney CarringtonShow Them To Me
Rodney CarringtonSing You Bastards / Burning Sensation
Rodney CarringtonSnowman
Rodney CarringtonThat Awful Day
Rodney CarringtonThat's Just My Luck
Rodney CarringtonThe Beer Song
Rodney CarringtonThe Day My Wife Met My Girlfriend
Rodney CarringtonThe Man Song
Rodney CarringtonThe Pubic Hair Song
Rodney CarringtonThings We Didn't Know
Rodney CarringtonTips On Marriage
Rodney CarringtonTitties & Beer
Rodney CarringtonTitties And Beer 2
Rodney CarringtonYard Sale - Underwear Song