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Roger TaylorA Nation Of Haircuts
Roger TaylorAbandon Fire
Roger TaylorAbandonfire
Roger TaylorAirheads
Roger TaylorBeautiful Dreams
Roger TaylorBelieve In Yourself
Roger TaylorDear Mr. Murdoch
Roger TaylorEverybody Hurts Sometime
Roger TaylorFinal Destination
Roger TaylorForeign Sand
Roger TaylorFreedom Train
Roger TaylorFun in Space
Roger TaylorFuture Management
Roger TaylorFuture Management (you Don't Need Nobody Else)
Roger TaylorGood Times Are Now
Roger TaylorHappiness
Roger TaylorI Cry for You
Roger TaylorI Cry For You (Love Hope And Confusion)
Roger TaylorI Wanna Testify
Roger TaylorInterlude in Constantinople
Roger TaylorIs It Me Or Is It You?
Roger TaylorIt's An Illusion
Roger TaylorIt's An Illusion
Roger TaylorKeep A-knockin'
Roger TaylorKilling Time
Roger TaylorLaugh or Cry
Roger TaylorLet 's Get Crazy
Roger TaylorLet's Get Crazy
Roger TaylorLets Get Crazy
Roger TaylorLondon Town C'mon Down
Roger TaylorLoneliness
Roger TaylorLoneliness..
Roger TaylorMagic is Loose
Roger TaylorMan on Fire
Roger TaylorMaster of War
Roger TaylorMasters Of War
Roger TaylorMy Country I & II
Roger TaylorNazis 1994
Roger TaylorNo More Fun
Roger TaylorNo Violins
Roger TaylorOld Friends
Roger TaylorOne Night Stand
Roger TaylorPeople On Streets
Roger TaylorPressure On
Roger TaylorRacing In The Street
Roger TaylorRacing In the Streets
Roger TaylorRevelations
Roger TaylorStrange Frontier
Roger TaylorThe Key
Roger TaylorThe Whisperers
Roger TaylorTonight
Roger TaylorTouch The Sky
Roger TaylorTurn On The Tv
Roger TaylorTwo Sharp Pencils (Get Bad)
Roger TaylorWhere Are You Now
Roger TaylorWorking Class Hero
Roger TaylorYou Had to Be There
Roger TaylorYoung Love