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Rough Silk...and The Winds Scream In Anger
Rough SilkA Matter Of Size
Rough SilkBeyond The Sundown
Rough SilkCalls To The Wind
Rough SilkCalls To The World
Rough SilkCandle In The Rain
Rough SilkCemetary Dawn
Rough SilkDon't Leave Me Now
Rough SilkDust To Sand
Rough SilkEyes Of A Stranger
Rough SilkFar From Home
Rough SilkForever
Rough SilkFrom Here To Eternity
Rough SilkGlissando
Rough SilkGloria In Destiny
Rough SilkGods Of Darkness
Rough SilkH8 What U Want
Rough SilkIn The Deep Of The Night
Rough SilkInsania
Rough SilkLes Chiens De La Guerre
Rough SilkLife Goes On
Rough SilkLucifer
Rough SilkLust Is A Killer
Rough SilkMephisto
Rough SilkMissing You
Rough SilkMy Last Farewell
Rough SilkMystery Bay
Rough SilkNever Loose Again
Rough SilkNever Say Never
Rough SilkNice Day For A Funeral
Rough SilkNosferatu
Rough SilkOn The Wrong Side Of The Moon
Rough SilkOne More For The Ride
Rough SilkOpposite Of Yes
Rough SilkReady For Take-Off
Rough SilkRecall
Rough SilkRoots Of Hate
Rough SilkSavannah
Rough SilkSentimental Trust
Rough SilkSilicone
Rough SilkSomebody's Out There
Rough SilkSomething To Believe In
Rough SilkStay Gold
Rough SilkSubway Angel's Caravan
Rough SilkSymphony Of Life
Rough SilkTake A Chance On Me
Rough SilkThe Angel And The Raven
Rough SilkThe Clown
Rough SilkThe End
Rough SilkThe Mysterious Boot Hill Grave Inscription
Rough SilkWheels Of Time