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Roxette(Do You Get) Excited?
Roxette(I Could Never) Give You Up
RoxetteA thing about you
RoxetteAlguien (Anyone)
RoxetteAlmost Unreal
RoxetteBeautiful Things
RoxetteBringing Me Down To My Knees
RoxetteCall Of The Wild
RoxetteChurch Of Your Heart
RoxetteCinnamon Street
RoxetteCome Back (Before You Leave)
RoxetteComo la lluvia en el cristal (Watercolours In The Rain)
RoxetteCrash Boom Bang
RoxetteCrash! Boom! Bang!
RoxetteCrazy About You
RoxetteCrush On You
RoxetteCuanto lo siento (I'm Sorry)
RoxetteDance Away
RoxetteDirectamente a ti (Run To You)
RoxetteDo You Wanna Go The Whole Way
RoxetteDo You Wanna Go The Whole Way?
RoxetteDon 't Believe In Accidents
RoxetteDressed For Success
RoxetteDrowning In You
RoxetteEl dia del amor (Perfect Day)
RoxetteFading Like A Flower
RoxetteFading Like A Flower (Every Time You Leave)
RoxetteFrom Head To Toe
RoxetteFrom One Heart To Another
RoxetteGo To Sleep
RoxetteGoodbye To You
RoxetteHabla el corazon (Listen To Your Heart)
RoxetteHalf A Woman, Half A Shadow
RoxetteHarleys & Indians (Riders In The Sky)
RoxetteHarleys & Indians (Riders In The Sky)
RoxetteHe's Got The Look
RoxetteHeart Of Gold
RoxetteHere Comes The Weekend
RoxetteHow Do You Do
RoxetteHow Do You Do!
RoxetteI 'm Under Your Magic Spell
RoxetteI Call Your Name
RoxetteI Don 't Want To Get Hurt
RoxetteI Love The Sound Of Crashing Guitars
RoxetteI Remember You
RoxetteI Was So Lucky
RoxetteI'm Sorry
RoxetteIm sorry
RoxetteIt Must Have Been Love
RoxetteIt Takes You No Time To Get Here
RoxetteIt Will Take A Long long Time
RoxetteIt Will Take a Long, Long Time
RoxetteJoy Of A Toy
RoxetteJune Afternoon
RoxetteKeep Me Waiting
RoxetteKnockin' On Every Door
RoxetteLike Lovers Do
RoxetteListen To Your Heart
RoxetteLittle Girl
RoxetteLittle Miss Sorrow
RoxetteLo Siento (Salvation)
RoxetteLooking For Jane
RoxetteLove Is All (Shine Your Light On Me)
RoxetteLove Spins
RoxetteMake My Head Go Pop
RoxetteMilk and toast and honey
RoxetteMy World, My Love, My Life
RoxetteNever Is A Long Time
RoxetteNeverending Love
RoxetteNo se si es amor (It Must Have Been Love)
RoxetteOne Is Such A Lonely Number
RoxetteOpportunity Nox
RoxettePay The Price
RoxettePearls Of Passion
RoxettePerfect Day
RoxettePhysical Fascination
RoxettePlace Your Love
RoxetteQueen Of Rain
RoxetteQuiero ser como tu (I Don't Wanna Get Hurt)
RoxetteQuisiera Volar (Wish I Could Fly)
RoxetteReaching High
RoxetteReal Sugar
RoxetteRun To You
RoxetteSecrets That She Keeps
RoxetteSeduce Me
RoxetteShadow Of A Doubt
RoxetteShe Doesn 't Live Here Anymore
RoxetteSilver Blue
RoxetteSleeping In My Car
RoxetteSleeping Single
RoxetteSmall Talk
RoxetteSo Far Away
RoxetteSo You Wanna Be A Rock 'N Roll Star
RoxetteSoul Deep
RoxetteSoy una mujer (Fading Like A Flower)
RoxetteSpending My Time
RoxetteStaring At The Ground
RoxetteThe Big L.
RoxetteThe Centre Of My Heart
RoxetteThe Centre Of The Heart
RoxetteThe First Girl On The Moon
RoxetteThe Heart Shaped Sea
RoxetteThe Look
RoxetteThe Rain
RoxetteThe Sweet Hello, The Sad Goodbye
RoxetteThe Voice
RoxetteThings Will Never Be The Same
RoxetteTimida (Vulnerable)
RoxetteTurn To Me
RoxetteUn dia sin ti (Spending My Time)
RoxetteUna reina va detras de un rey (Queen of Rain)
RoxetteView From A Hill
RoxetteWaiting For The Rain
RoxetteWatercolours In The Rain
RoxetteWhat 's She Like
RoxetteWhat¡¯s She Like
RoxetteWish I Could Fly
RoxetteYou Can 't Put Your Arms Around What 's Already Gone
RoxetteYou Don 't Understand Me
RoxetteYou Don¡¯t Understand Me
RoxetteYou Turn Me On