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Rufus1 4 The Punks
Rufus6 Star Hotel
RufusBraking It, Losing It
RufusTell Me Something Good
RufusTime For Religion Is Running Out
RufusWhat You See Is What You Get
RufusI Finally Found You
RufusYour Smile
RufusYou Got The Love
RufusWalkin' In The Sun
RufusSwing Down Chariot
RufusSweet Thing
RufusStop On By
RufusSomebody's Watching You
RufusRight Is Right
RufusSmokin' Room
RufusPlease Pardon Me (You Remind Me Of A Friend)
RufusPack'd My Bags
RufusOoh I Like Your Loving
RufusOnce You Get Started
RufusMagic In Your Eyes
RufusLosers In Love
RufusLook Through My Eyes
RufusLive In Me (feat. Chaka Chan)
RufusLittle Boy Blue
RufusKeep It Coming
RufusJive Talkin'
RufusIn Love We Grow
RufusI'm A Woman (I'm A Backbone)
RufusI'm Dancing For Your Love
RufusI Got The Right Street (But The Wrong Direction)
RufusHeaven Bound
RufusHave A Good Time
RufusHaulin' Coal
RufusHalf Moon
RufusFeel Good
RufusEverybody Has An Aura
RufusEverlasting Love
RufusEgyptian Song
RufusEarth Song
RufusDo You Love What You Feel
RufusDance Wit Me
RufusClose The Door
RufusBetter Days
RufusBest Of Your Heart
RufusAt Midnight (My Love Will Lift You Up)
RufusAny Love
RufusAin't That Peculiar
RufusAin't Nobody