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RugratsAll Day
RugratsAll Grown Up
RugratsAtomic Dog
RugratsBeautiful Dreamer
RugratsBetter Beware
RugratsBig Bad Cat
RugratsExcuse My French
RugratsFinal Heartbreak
RugratsI Throw My Toys Around
RugratsI Want A Mom That Will Last Forever
RugratsI'm Telling You This
RugratsIsland In The Sun
RugratsL'Histoire D'Une Fee, C'Est...
RugratsLife Is A Party
RugratsLizard Love
RugratsLust For Life
RugratsMy Country Tis Of Thee-Angelia Pickles Version
RugratsMy Getaway
RugratsOn Your Marks, Get Set, Ready, Go
RugratsOne Way Or Another
RugratsPackin' To Go
RugratsPackin' To Go
RugratsReady To Roll
RugratsRugrats All Grown Up Theme Song
RugratsShe's On Fire
RugratsShould I Stay Or Should I Go
RugratsSpanish Lyrics (Thanks Yuri !)
RugratsTake Me There
RugratsThis World Is Something New To Me
RugratsWhen You Love
RugratsWho Let The Dogs Out
RugratsWitch Doctor
RugratsYou Don't Stand A Chance