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Run-D.M.C.Back From Hell
Run-D.M.C.Bob Your Head
Run-D.M.C.Don't Stop
Run-D.M.C.Groove to the Sound
Run-D.M.C.Kick the Frama Lama Lama
Run-D.M.C.Livin' in the City
Run-D.M.C.Not Just Another Groove
Run-D.M.C.P Upon a Tree
Run-D.M.C.Party Time
Run-D.M.C.Sucker D.J.'s
Run-D.M.C.The Ave.
Run-D.M.C.What's it All About?
Run-D.M.C.Word is Born
Run-D.M.C.3 in the Head
Run-D.M.C.Big Willie
Run-D.M.C.Can I Get a Witness
Run-D.M.C.Can I Get it, Yo
Run-D.M.C.Come On Everybody
Run-D.M.C.Down With the King
Run-D.M.C.For 10 Years
Run-D.M.C.Get Open
Run-D.M.C.Hit 'Em Hard
Run-D.M.C.In the House
Run-D.M.C.Ooh, Whatcha Gonna Do
Run-D.M.C.Three Little Indians
Run-D.M.C.To the Maker
Run-D.M.C.What's Next
Run-D.M.C.Wreck Shop
Run-D.M.C.Can You Rock It Like This
Run-D.M.C.Darryl and Joe (Krush-Groove 3)
Run-D.M.C.It's Not Funny
Run-D.M.C.Jam Master's Jammin'
Run-D.M.C.King of Rock
Run-D.M.C.Rock the House
Run-D.M.C.Roots, Rap, Reggae
Run-D.M.C.You Talk Too Much
Run-D.M.C.You're Blind
Run-D.M.C.Dumb Girl
Run-D.M.C.Hit it Run
Run-D.M.C.Is It Live
Run-D.M.C.It's Tricky
Run-D.M.C.My Adidas
Run-D.M.C.Peter Piper
Run-D.M.C.Proud to be Black
Run-D.M.C.Raising Hell
Run-D.M.C.Son of Byford
Run-D.M.C.Walk This Way
Run-D.M.C.You Be Illin'
Run-D.M.C.30 Days
Run-D.M.C.Hard Times
Run-D.M.C.Hollis Crew (Krush-Groove 2)
Run-D.M.C.It's Like That
Run-D.M.C.Jam Master Jay
Run-D.M.C.Rock Box
Run-D.M.C.Sucker M.C.'s
Run-D.M.C.Wake Up
Run-D.M.C.Beats to the Rhyme
Run-D.M.C.How'd Ya Do it Dee
Run-D.M.C.I'm Not Going Out Like That
Run-D.M.C.Mary, Mary
Run-D.M.C.Miss Elaine
Run-D.M.C.Papa Crazy
Run-D.M.C.Radio Station
Run-D.M.C.Run's House
Run-D.M.C.Soul to Rock and Roll
Run-D.M.C.They Call Us Run-D.M.C.
Run-D.M.C.Tougher Than Leather
Run-D.M.C.Crown Royal
Run-d.m.c.Sucker M. C. s
Run-d.m.c.Let's Stay Together (Together Forever)
Run-d.m.c.Its Like That
Run-d.m.c.Hollis Crew
Run-d.m.c.Christmas In Hollies
Run-d.m.c.Ay Papi