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SocraticSleepless Nights
SocraticBreak Out the Violins
SocraticDead For Days
SocraticFuneral Masses
SocraticThis Opinion Of Mine
SocraticToo Late, Too Soon
SocraticA Diamond In A World Of Coal
SocraticAlexandria As Our Lens
SocraticB To E
SocraticAnother Headache
SocraticBlend In
SocraticBoy In A Magazine
SocraticConstant Apology
SocraticDon't Say
SocraticDks Jungle Parkway
SocraticI Am The Doctor
SocraticI Don't Wear A Coat
SocraticI Haven't Seen You In Years
SocraticJanis Joplin Hands
SocraticLong Distance Calls
SocraticLunch For The Sky
SocraticMay I Bum A Smoke
SocraticMy Biography Of Life In General
SocraticNot A Thing
SocraticRelevant Elephant
SocraticShe's The Type Of Girl
SocraticSix Of Hearts
SocraticSpending Galore
SocraticSpots I've Been And Go
SocraticSpread The Rumors
SocraticStorms Over Parades
SocraticTear A Gash
SocraticThe Dense Indents
SocraticThe Spanish Singer
SocraticWe Burn Houses
SocraticU And Left Turns