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Sole4 5 6 (feat. Jt Money And Kandi)
Sole4 The Love Of You (feat. Tamar)
SoleAccurate Math
SoleAin't Nobody Fuckin Wit It (feat. Tech N9ne)
SoleBottle Of Humans
SoleDa Baddest Poet
SoleDa Story
SoleDear Elpee
SoleDismantling Of Sole's Ego
SoleGet Up In It
SoleI Don't Rap In Bumper Stickers
SoleI Hope You Like My Stupid Painting
SoleIsn't It Sad (feat. Passage)
SoleIt Wasn't Me (Feat. Ginuwine)
SoleIy Yi Yi (feat. Miss Toi & Bobbi Bosselina)
SoleNever Thought I
SoleNothing Fell Apart
SoleOur World (feat. "Lo...")
SoleRespect Pt. 3
SoleSave The Children
SoleSole Has Issues
SoleSpell My Name Right (feat. Mr. Raja)
SoleSuicide Song
SoleTeepee On A Highway Blues
SoleThe Priziest Horse
SoleTourist Trapeze
SoleWe Ain't Fessin' (Featuring Dose-One & Alias)
SoleYoung Nigga