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Stephen LynchBaby
Stephen LynchAlbino
Stephen LynchA Month Dead
Stephen Lynch3 Balloons
Stephen LynchBitch
Stephen LynchBest Friends Song
Stephen LynchBeelz
Stephen LynchCrazy Peanuts
Stephen LynchCraig
Stephen LynchFull Blown Aids
Stephen LynchFor The Ladies
Stephen LynchFishin' Hole
Stephen LynchDr. Stephen
Stephen LynchDown To The Old Pub Instead
Stephen LynchDear Diary 1
Stephen LynchD & D
Stephen LynchBowling Song (Almighty Malachi, Professional Bowling God)
Stephen LynchGay
Stephen LynchHistory Lesson
Stephen LynchGerbil
Stephen LynchHallelujah
Stephen LynchHermaphrodite
Stephen LynchLittle Asian Man
Stephen LynchKill A Kitten
Stephen LynchJim Henson's Dead
Stephen LynchIf I Were Gay
Stephen LynchIf I Were Gay (Live)
Stephen LynchGrandfather
Stephen LynchLove Song
Stephen LynchBowling Song
Stephen LynchMother's Day
Stephen LynchMixer At Delta Chi
Stephen LynchMedieval Bush
Stephen LynchLullaby
Stephen LynchLullaby (Divorce Song)
Stephen LynchShe Gotta Smile
Stephen LynchPriest
Stephen LynchSpecial Fred
Stephen LynchSpecial Olympics (live On Opie And Anthony)
Stephen LynchSuperhero
Stephen LynchSpecial
Stephen LynchHalf A Man
Stephen LynchYou Caught Me Spankin It
Stephen LynchWhat If That Guy From Smashing Pumpkins Lost His Car Keys?
Stephen LynchVoices In My Head
Stephen LynchTaxi Driver
Stephen LynchTalk To Me
Stephen LynchCountry Love Song
Stephen LynchClassic Rock Song
Stephen LynchSpecial Olympics