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TestamentA Day Of Reckoning
TestamentAbsence Of Light
TestamentAll I Could Bleed
TestamentAlone In The Dark
TestamentApocalyptic City
TestamentAs The Seasons Grey
TestamentBlessed In Contempt
TestamentBurnt Offerings
TestamentC O T L O D
TestamentC.O.T.L.O.D. (Curse of the Legions of Death)
TestamentCareful What You Wish For
TestamentChasing Fear
TestamentD.N.R. (Do Not Resuscitate)
TestamentDemonic Refusal
TestamentDisciples Of The Watch
TestamentDistorted Lives
TestamentDo Or Die
TestamentDog Faced Gods
TestamentDog Faces Gods
TestamentDown For Life
TestamentEerie Inhabitants
TestamentElectric Crown
TestamentEnvy Life
TestamentEyes Of Wrath
TestamentFace In The Sky
TestamentFall Of Siple Dome
TestamentFalling Fast
TestamentFirst Strike Is Deadly
TestamentGreenhouse Effect
TestamentHail Mary
TestamentHatred 's Rise
TestamentInto The Pit
TestamentJohn Doe
TestamentJun - Jun
TestamentLegions (In Hiding)
TestamentLegions Of The Dead
TestamentLet Go Of My World
TestamentLove To Hate
TestamentMurky Waters
TestamentNew Eyes Of Old
TestamentNightmare (Coming Back To You)
TestamentNobody's Fault
TestamentOver The Wall
TestamentPerilious Nation
TestamentPractice What You Preach
TestamentRaging Waters
TestamentReturn To Serenity
TestamentRiding The Snake
TestamentSeven Days Of May
TestamentSewn Shut Eyes
TestamentShades Of War
TestamentSins Of Omission
TestamentSo Many Lies
TestamentSouls Of Black
TestamentTen Thousand Thrones
TestamentThe Ballad
TestamentThe Burning Times
TestamentThe Haunting
TestamentThe Legacy
TestamentThe New Order
TestamentThe Preacher
TestamentThe Ritual
TestamentThe Sermon
TestamentThree Days In Darkness
TestamentTime Is Coming
TestamentTogether As One
TestamentTrail Of Tears
TestamentTrial by Fire
TestamentTroubled Dreams
TestamentTrue Believer