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The CureBurn
The CureCut here
The CureFriday Im In Love
The Curejust like heaven
The CureKilling an Arab
The CureMaybe someday
The CurePurple Haze
The CureWhy Cant I Be You
The CureFriday I'm In Love
The CureLove Song
The Cure39
The Curebloodflowers
The CureLast Dance
The Cureout of this world
The Curethe loudest sound
The Curethere is no if...
The Curewatching me fall
The Curewhere the birds always sing
The CureAccuracy
The CureAnother Day
The CureBoys Don't Cry
The CureFire In Cairo
The CureGrinding Halt
The CurePlastic Passion
The CureSo What?
The CureSubway Song
The CureThree Imaginary Boys
The CureClosedown
The CureDisintegration
The CureHomesick
The CureLovesong
The CureLullaby
The CurePictures Of You
The CurePlainsong
The CurePrayers For Rain
The CureThe Same Deep Water As You
The CureUntitled
The CureAll Cats Are Grey
The CureDoubt
The CureFaith
The CureFaith - Tiannemen Version
The CureThe Drowning Man
The CureThe Funeral Party
The CureThe Holy Hour
The CureIn Between Days
The CureKyoto Song
The CurePush
The CureScrew
The CureSinking
The CureSix Different Ways
The CureThe Baby Screams
The CureThe Blood
The CureDredd Song
The CureA Thousand Hours
The CureAll I Want
The CureFight
The CureHow Beautiful You Are
The CureIcing Sugar
The CureIf Only Tonight We Could Sleep
The CureLike Cockatoos
The CureOne More Time
The CureShiver And Shake
The CureThe Kiss
The CureThe Perfect Girl
The CureThe Snakepit
The CureTorture
The CureWhy Can't I Be You
The CureWhy Can't I Be You?
The CureA Forest - Show Version
The CureA forest-killburn nat'l version
The CureA Letter To Elise(play out vers.)
The CureApart
The CureAt Night
The CureDressing Up
The CureFigurehead
The CureIn Your House
The CureOne Hundred Years
The CureA Short Term Effect
The CureA Strange Day
The CureCold
The CurePornography
The CureSiamese Twins
The CureIn Your House (Curiousity Version)
The CureM (gallup/hartley/smith/tolhurst)
The CureSecrets
The CureSeventeen Seconds
The CureThree
The CureCut
The Curedoing the unstuck
The CureEnd
The CureFrom The Edge Of The Deep Green Sea
The CureLet's Go To Bed
The CureOpen
The CureTrust
The CureThe Love Cats
The CureClose To Me
The CureThe Caterpillar
The CureMint Car
The CureThe 13th
The CureWant
The CureA Letter To Elise
The CureCut(play out vers.)
The CureTo Wish Impossible Things
The CureWendy Time
The CureBefore Three