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The SimpsonsAmendment Song
The SimpsonsBaby On Board
The SimpsonsBad Cops
The SimpsonsBart The General
The SimpsonsBart's Xmas Song
The SimpsonsBig Spender
The SimpsonsBunk With Me Tonight
The SimpsonsBurlesque House Song
The SimpsonsCanyonero
The SimpsonsCapital City
The SimpsonsCaptain Bart And The Tequila Mocking Birds Commerc
The SimpsonsCheckin In
The SimpsonsChimpan-A To Chimpan-Z
The SimpsonsCut Every Corner
The SimpsonsDo A Halfed-Ass Job
The SimpsonsDr. Zaius, Dr. Zaius
The SimpsonsDrop Da Bomg
The SimpsonsDuff (Parody Of Ymca)
The SimpsonsEvery Body Hates Ned Flanders
The SimpsonsFlaming Moe's
The SimpsonsHave No Fears
The SimpsonsHomer Simpson
The SimpsonsHomer's Beer Song
The SimpsonsHomer's Food Song
The SimpsonsHomer's Lullabye
The SimpsonsHomer's Mexican Hat Song
The SimpsonsI Like Pizza
The SimpsonsI'm An Ammendment
The SimpsonsIf You Cut Every Corner
The SimpsonsItchy & Scratchy Theme
The SimpsonsKamp Krusty
The SimpsonsKids Vs. Adults
The SimpsonsLisa's Birthday Song
The SimpsonsLisa's Blues
The SimpsonsLotsa Fun
The SimpsonsMaggies Lullabye
The SimpsonsMarge's Thrift Song
The SimpsonsMax Power
The SimpsonsMental House Rock
The SimpsonsMinimum Wage Nanny
The SimpsonsMonorail
The SimpsonsNed Flanders
The SimpsonsO Cannibals
The SimpsonsPaperboy
The SimpsonsPoochie Rap Song
The SimpsonsPowerplant Song
The SimpsonsSecond Grade Blues
The SimpsonsSee My Vest
The SimpsonsSeor Burns
The SimpsonsSlanderous Mambo
The SimpsonsSpanish Flea
The SimpsonsSpider Pig
The SimpsonsSpringfield
The SimpsonsSpringfield, Springfield
The SimpsonsStonecutter's Song
The SimpsonsSuggestion For The New Nanny
The SimpsonsTalkin' Softball
The SimpsonsThe Canyonero
The SimpsonsThe Spring In Springfield
The SimpsonsThey'll Never Stop The Simpsons
The SimpsonsWho Needs The Kwik-E Mart?
The SimpsonsYour Wife Don't Understand You, But I Do
The SimpsonsYour Wife Don't Understand You