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Toxic NarcoticMelting Pot
Toxic NarcoticThe Beating
Toxic NarcoticIrreversable
Toxic NarcoticThe Disappointment
Toxic NarcoticPopulution
Toxic NarcoticEver So Slightly
Toxic NarcoticBelievin
Toxic NarcoticRock Monster
Toxic NarcoticWe 're All Doomed
Toxic NarcoticAsshole
Toxic NarcoticRuined
Toxic NarcoticWe 're Not Happy 'Till You 're Not Happy
Toxic NarcoticShut The Fuck Up
Toxic Narcotic5 Billion People Must Die
Toxic NarcoticAlarm Clock
Toxic NarcoticAllston Violence
Toxic NarcoticDrink
Toxic NarcoticFuck You
Toxic NarcoticHollow
Toxic NarcoticHomebrew
Toxic NarcoticJunkie Bastard
Toxic NarcoticL.I.A.R.
Toxic NarcoticPeople Suck
Toxic NarcoticBelievin'
Toxic NarcoticDisappointment
Toxic NarcoticOnly The Wrong Survive
Toxic NarcoticL.I.A.R
Toxic NarcoticPopulation
Toxic NarcoticWe're All Doomed