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Vern GosdinAll I Want And Need Forever
Vern GosdinA Picture Of Me (Without You)
Vern GosdinA Month Of Sundays
Vern GosdinBreak My Mind
Vern GosdinAlone
Vern GosdinDim Lights, Thick Smoke (And Loud, Loud Music)
Vern GosdinChiseled In Stone
Vern GosdinBury Me In A Jukebox
Vern GosdinI Can Tell By The Way You Dance (You're Gonna Love)
Vern GosdinFor A Minute There
Vern GosdinDo You Believe Me Now
Vern GosdinI Wonder Where We'd Be Tonight
Vern GosdinIf You're Gonna Do Me Wrong (Do Me Right)
Vern GosdinI'm Still Crazy
Vern GosdinMy Baby Sings The Blues
Vern GosdinLoving You Is Music To My Mind
Vern GosdinLove Is Like An Echo
Vern GosdinIt's Not Over, Yet
Vern GosdinIs It Raining At Your House
Vern GosdinRight In The Wrong Direction
Vern GosdinNever My Love
Vern GosdinTanqueray
Vern GosdinSlow Burning Memory
Vern GosdinSinger Of Sad Songs
Vern GosdinSet 'Em Up Joe
Vern GosdinThat Just About Does It
Vern GosdinThat Just About Does It, Don't It
Vern GosdinThere Ain't Nothing Wrong
Vern GosdinTill The End
Vern GosdinTight As Twin Fiddles
Vern GosdinThis Ain't My Rodeo
Vern GosdinToday My World Slipped Away
Vern GosdinWas It Just The Wine
Vern GosdinWay Down Deep
Vern GosdinWho You Gonna Blame It On This Time