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Vertical HorizonAll Of You
Vertical HorizonAngel Without Wings
Vertical HorizonAnswer Me
Vertical HorizonBest I Ever Had (Grey Sky Morning)
Vertical HorizonCall It Even
Vertical HorizonCan't Be All Wrong (original Demo)
Vertical HorizonCandyman
Vertical HorizonCant Be All Wrong
Vertical HorizonChildren's Lullaby
Vertical HorizonEcho
Vertical HorizonEverything You Want
Vertical HorizonFalling Down
Vertical HorizonFamous
Vertical HorizonFinding Me
Vertical HorizonFootprints In The Snow
Vertical HorizonForever
Vertical HorizonFragments
Vertical HorizonGive You Back
Vertical HorizonGlass Waltz (original Demo)
Vertical HorizonGoodbye Again
Vertical HorizonGoodnight My Friend
Vertical HorizonGreat Divide
Vertical HorizonGrey Sky Morning (Best I Ever Had)
Vertical HorizonHeart In Hand
Vertical HorizonI'm Still Here
Vertical HorizonInside
Vertical HorizonIt 's Over
Vertical HorizonIt's Only Me
Vertical HorizonJapan
Vertical HorizonLiberty
Vertical HorizonLife In The City
Vertical HorizonLines Upon Your Face
Vertical HorizonLove's Light
Vertical HorizonMiracle
Vertical HorizonOn The Sea
Vertical HorizonOne Of You
Vertical HorizonPrayer for an Innocent Man
Vertical HorizonSend It Up
Vertical HorizonShackled
Vertical HorizonSunrays And Saturdays
Vertical HorizonSunshine
Vertical HorizonThe Man Who Would Be Santa
Vertical HorizonThe Man Who Would Be Santa (live)
Vertical HorizonThe Mountain Song
Vertical HorizonThe Ride
Vertical HorizonThe Unchosen One
Vertical HorizonTrying To Find Purpose
Vertical HorizonUnderwater
Vertical HorizonWash Away
Vertical HorizonWe Are
Vertical HorizonWhen You Cry
Vertical HorizonWillingly
Vertical HorizonWon 't Go Away
Vertical HorizonYou Say
Vertical HorizonYou're A God