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Vice SquadAllergy
Vice SquadAntisocial Insecurity
Vice SquadBritain Is Still Burning
Vice SquadBusiness As Usual
Vice SquadCheap
Vice SquadCitizen
Vice SquadDeathwish
Vice SquadDon't Let The Bastards Grind You Down
Vice SquadFaceless Men
Vice SquadFast Forward
Vice SquadFistful Of Dollars
Vice SquadFreedom Begins At Home
Vice SquadFresh Air
Vice SquadGet A Life
Vice SquadGutterchild
Vice SquadHe Said, She Said
Vice SquadHumane
Vice SquadLast Rockers
Vice SquadLatex Love
Vice SquadLiving On Dreams
Vice SquadLo-Fi Life
Vice SquadMaid To Measure
Vice SquadNo You Don't
Vice SquadOut Of Reach
Vice SquadPowerdrill
Vice SquadPrincess Paranoia
Vice SquadPropaganda
Vice SquadRebels And Kings
Vice SquadResurrection
Vice SquadRock 'n' Roll Massacre
Vice SquadSomeone Else
Vice SquadSpikey Hair
Vice SquadSpitfire
Vice SquadStand Strong Stand Proud
Vice SquadSterile
Vice SquadStreet Cred
Vice SquadSubmerge
Vice SquadTake Too Many E's
Vice SquadThe Great Fire Of London
Vice SquadThe Story Of My Life
Vice SquadTimes They Are A Changin'
Vice SquadTomorrow's Soldier
Vice SquadVermin
Vice SquadVoice Of The People
Vice SquadWar Of Attrition
Vice SquadWe Came, We Saw
Vice SquadWhere Are They All Now?
Vice SquadYou Can't Buy Back The Dead
Vice SquadYou'll Never Know
Vice SquadYoung Blood