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Vicious CrusadeA Day To Feel Alive
Vicious CrusadeAnother Hero
Vicious CrusadeArm Of The Invisible
Vicious CrusadeBang The Drum
Vicious CrusadeBreath Of Life
Vicious CrusadeChains Of Tyranny
Vicious CrusadeDancing On The Ledge
Vicious CrusadeDogs Of Justice
Vicious CrusadeDreaming
Vicious CrusadeDress Me Black
Vicious CrusadeExalted Liar
Vicious CrusadeFinal Chapter
Vicious CrusadeFor The Last Time
Vicious CrusadeForbidden Tunes
Vicious CrusadeFreedom Comes
Vicious CrusadeGet Stripped!
Vicious CrusadeHellbound
Vicious CrusadeHurt
Vicious CrusadeIn Articulo Mortis
Vicious CrusadeLand Of Lakes
Vicious CrusadeLet It Burn!
Vicious CrusadeLife That Kills
Vicious CrusadeLost Generation
Vicious CrusadeMasquerade Of Piety
Vicious CrusadeMessiah... Isn't It Me?
Vicious CrusadeMisery
Vicious CrusadeMy Cruel Mirror
Vicious CrusadePariah
Vicious CrusadePatriot Games
Vicious CrusadePolka
Vicious CrusadeRequiem To Innocence
Vicious CrusadeRock You Up!
Vicious CrusadeStigmata
Vicious CrusadeThe Man With Heart Of Gold
Vicious CrusadeThe Unbroken
Vicious CrusadeThe Verge Of Extinction
Vicious CrusadeTheodore's Song
Vicious CrusadeVerge Of Extinction
Vicious CrusadeVicious Circle
Vicious CrusadeVogue
Vicious CrusadeVogue(Tm)
Vicious CrusadeVoice Of Eternity
Vicious CrusadeWho Are These Men?