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Vickie WinansA Thousand Pains
Vickie WinansAngel Of Mine (A Song For Friends)
Vickie WinansAmazing Grace Dance
Vickie WinansGo Go Praise
Vickie WinansFarewell
Vickie WinansFalling In Love (Prelude)
Vickie WinansEverday Is A Good Day
Vickie WinansDance With Me
Vickie WinansI Dedicate My Life
Vickie WinansHe Loves Me
Vickie WinansGod Of Comfort
Vickie WinansIt's Alright
Vickie WinansI Need A Man
Vickie WinansI Love You Lord
Vickie WinansLong As I Got King Jesus
Vickie WinansLondon Fog (My 20th Anniversary Tribute To You)
Vickie WinansJoyful, Joyful
Vickie WinansJesus Loves Me (Prelude)
Vickie WinansShake Yourself Loose
Vickie WinansNever Separate (A Song For Friends)
Vickie WinansMadly In Love
Vickie WinansStretch Out
Vickie WinansStand Up And Carry On
Vickie WinansTrust Him
Vickie WinansThe Rainbow
Vickie WinansSuperman
Vickie WinansWatch The Wind
Vickie WinansWaiting On Jesus
Vickie WinansTry Christ
Vickie WinansWoman To Woman (Prelude)
Vickie WinansWe Need Your Love
Vickie WinansYou're Still My Sister
Vickie WinansYou're More Than A Mom (A Tribute)