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Vital Remains'Til Death
Vital RemainsAngels Of Blasphemy
Vital RemainsAt War With God
Vital RemainsBattle Ground
Vital RemainsBehold The Throne Of Chaos
Vital RemainsBlack Magick Curse
Vital RemainsBorn To Rape The World
Vital RemainsCame No Ray Of Light
Vital RemainsCrown Of The Black Hearts
Vital RemainsDawn Of The Apocalypse
Vital RemainsDechristianize
Vital RemainsDescent Into Hell
Vital RemainsDethroned Emperor
Vital RemainsDevoured Elysium
Vital RemainsDisciples Of Hell
Vital RemainsDivine In Fire
Vital RemainsEastern Journey
Vital RemainsEntwined By Vengeance
Vital RemainsExcruciating Pain
Vital RemainsFallen Angels
Vital RemainsFlag Of Victory
Vital RemainsForever Underground
Vital RemainsHammer Down The Nails
Vital RemainsHuman Sacrifice
Vital RemainsI Am God
Vital RemainsIcons Of Evil
Vital RemainsImmortal Crusade
Vital RemainsIn Infamy
Vital RemainsInfidel
Vital RemainsInto Cold Darkness
Vital RemainsLet The Killing Begin
Vital RemainsNocturnal Blasphemy
Vital RemainsOutro
Vital RemainsReborn...The Upheaval Of Nihility
Vital RemainsRessurrected
Vital RemainsResurrected
Vital RemainsRush Of Deliverance
Vital RemainsSanctitiy In Blasphemous Ruin
Vital RemainsSanctity In Blasphemous Ruin
Vital RemainsSavior To None... Failure For All...
Vital RemainsScorned
Vital RemainsScrolls Of A Millenium Past
Vital RemainsScrolls Of A Millennium Past
Vital RemainsShrapnel Embedded Flesh
Vital RemainsSociete Des Luciferiens
Vital RemainsThe Night Has A Thousand Eyes
Vital RemainsUnder The Moon 's Fog
Vital RemainsUnder The Moon's Fog
Vital RemainsUnleashed Hell
Vital RemainsWhere Is Your God Now