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Wckr SpgtA Thousand Hail Marys
Wckr SpgtAfter The Fact
Wckr SpgtBack At The Charles Mountain
Wckr SpgtBecause (she'll Do Anything)
Wckr SpgtBrown Bag Of Dreams
Wckr SpgtCapricorn One
Wckr SpgtCharles Mansion
Wckr SpgtE.e.
Wckr SpgtElegant Dirt
Wckr SpgtElegant Dirt Part Ii
Wckr SpgtEscape
Wckr SpgtEverything 's Scary
Wckr SpgtEverything's Scary
Wckr SpgtFlinch Mob
Wckr SpgtFolkal Point
Wckr SpgtFreud Was Right
Wckr SpgtGetting It Down
Wckr SpgtGetting To The Root
Wckr SpgtGod Starts To Cry
Wckr SpgtGod Talks To The Man And The Ox
Wckr SpgtHead Through Iowa Now
Wckr SpgtHistory Repents
Wckr SpgtHow Did You Meet Them?
Wckr SpgtI 'll See You In Heaven
Wckr SpgtI'll See You In Heaven
Wckr SpgtIn Retrospect
Wckr SpgtIntuition And Stupidity
Wckr SpgtLifting The Tissue
Wckr SpgtLost In Texas
Wckr SpgtMaking Love In The Pew
Wckr SpgtMarriage At 30,000 Feet
Wckr SpgtMemories Of A Recent Journey
Wckr SpgtNo Sign Of Danger
Wckr SpgtNo Sign Of Danger Part Ii
Wckr SpgtNo Sign Of Danger Part Iii
Wckr SpgtOld Boxing Footage
Wckr SpgtOx Chase
Wckr SpgtPoochy Woman
Wckr SpgtPursuit
Wckr SpgtRespect For Lawnmowers
Wckr SpgtRolling The Bum
Wckr SpgtRude Awakening
Wckr SpgtShe Lies
Wckr SpgtShould I Go In
Wckr SpgtShould I Go In?
Wckr SpgtShould I Go Inside
Wckr SpgtShould I Go Inside?
Wckr SpgtSingles At Church
Wckr SpgtTarla Walks
Wckr SpgtThe Backyard
Wckr SpgtThe Big-faced Girl
Wckr SpgtThe Caring Song
Wckr SpgtThe Charles Mansion
Wckr SpgtThe Charles Mountain
Wckr SpgtThe Cleaning Of The Rock
Wckr SpgtThe Finding Of The Foot
Wckr SpgtThe Girl (still Running)
Wckr SpgtThe Ox Strikes Back
Wckr SpgtTo The Bronx
Wckr SpgtTustin Coin-op
Wckr SpgtTustin Coin-op Party
Wckr SpgtUnfair Prospects
Wckr SpgtUninvited Guest At A Dinner Party
Wckr SpgtYesterday Her Lugs Exploded