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We The KingsA Hollywood Ending
We The KingsA Life, A Love, A Lie
We The KingsAll Again For You
We The KingsArmor Of Hope
We The KingsAugust Is Over
We The KingsCaught Up In You
We The KingsCheck Yes Juliet
We The KingsDon't Speak Liar
We The KingsFriendship Is A Touchy Subject
We The KingsHeadlines Read Out...
We The KingsI Gave Birth To The Twentieth Century
We The KingsIt's Beautiful After The End
We The KingsPart Of Me
We The KingsSecret Valentine
We The KingsSkyway Avenue
We The KingsStay Young
We The KingsThe Distance That Killed Us
We The KingsThe Quiet
We The KingsThis Is Our Town
We The KingsWhoa
We The KingsYou Know You've Got It