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Wednesday 13With Friends Like These
Wednesday 13Wednesdday 13
Wednesday 13Transylvania 90210
Wednesday 13Too Much Blood
Wednesday 13Till Death Do Us Party
Wednesday 13The Ghost Of Vincent Price
Wednesday 13The Devil Made Me Do It
Wednesday 13Skeletons
Wednesday 13Scream Baby Scream
Wednesday 13Scary Song
Wednesday 13Rot For Me
Wednesday 13R.A.M.O.N.E.S.
Wednesday 13Put Your Death Mask On
Wednesday 13Post Mortem Boredom
Wednesday 13Not Another Teenage Anthem
Wednesday 13No Rabbit In The Hat
Wednesday 13My Home Sweet Homicide
Wednesday 13My Home Sweet Home
Wednesday 13My Demise
Wednesday 13Morgue Than Words
Wednesday 13Look What The Bats Dragged In
Wednesday 13Kill You Before You Kill Me
Wednesday 13I Want You... Dead
Wednesday 13I Walked With A Zombie
Wednesday 13House By The Cemetery
Wednesday 13Haunt Me
Wednesday 13Happily Ever Cadaver
Wednesday 13Haddonfield
Wednesday 13God Is A Lie
Wednesday 13Gimme Gimme Bloodshed
Wednesday 13From Here To The Hearse
Wednesday 13Faith In The Devil
Wednesday 13Elect Death For President
Wednesday 13Die Sci-Fi
Wednesday 13Dead Carolina
Wednesday 13Curse Of Me
Wednesday 13Burn The Flames
Wednesday 13Buried With Children
Wednesday 13Buried By Christmas
Wednesday 13Bad Things
Wednesday 13American Werewolves In London
Wednesday 13All American Massacre
Wednesday 13A Bullet Named Christ