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WidowmakerAll Things Must Change
WidowmakerBad Rain
WidowmakerBlood And Bullets (Pissin' Against The Wind)
WidowmakerBlue For You
WidowmakerCalling For You
WidowmakerCry A Dying Man's Tears
WidowmakerGone Bad
WidowmakerJust Business
WidowmakerKilling Time
WidowmakerLong Gone
WidowmakerProtect And Serve
WidowmakerReady To Fall
WidowmakerReason To Kill
WidowmakerSnot Nose Kid
WidowmakerStandby For The Pain
WidowmakerThe Iron Road
WidowmakerThe Lonely Ones
WidowmakerThe Widowmaker
WidowmakerWe Are The Dead
WidowmakerYou're A Heartbreaker
WidowmakerYour Sorrow