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WingsGive Ireland Back To The Irish
WingsI 've Had Enough
WingsLet 'em In
WingsMy Love
WingsSilly Love Songs
WingsSomebody Who Cares
WingsTake It Away
WingsWith A Little Luck
WingsAnother Day
WingsBackwards Traveller
WingsBand On The Run
WingsBeware My Love
WingsCafe On The Left Bank
WingsC Moon
WingsChildren Children
WingsCall Me Back Again
WingsDon't Let It Bring You Down
WingsDeliver Your Children
WingsFamous Groupies
WingsHands Of Love
WingsGoodnight Tonight
WingsHi Hi Hi
WingsI've Had Enough
WingsI'm Carrying
WingsJunior's Farm
WingsLet Me Roll It
WingsLetting Go
WingsLove In Song
WingsLondon Town
WingsLive & Let Die
WingsListen To What The Man Said
WingsMagneto And Titanium Man
WingsMust Do Something About It
WingsMull Of Kintyre
WingsMedicine Jar
WingsMaybe I'm Amazed
WingsOld Siam, Sir
WingsName And Address
WingsSilly Love Song
WingsShe's My Baby
WingsSan Ferry Anne
WingsSally G.
WingsRock Show
WingsSpirits Of Ancient Egypt
WingsWino Junko
WingsWarm And Beautiful
WingsVenus & Mars
WingsVenus & Mars - Reprise
WingsTreat Her Gently - Lonely Old People
WingsTime To Hide
WingsYou Gave Me The Answer