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XDisciplex A.D.Age Of Reason
XDisciplex A.D.All Or Nothing
XDisciplex A.D.Armachrist
XDisciplex A.D.Armachristi
XDisciplex A.D.Baregrounds
XDisciplex A.D.Blood Feud
XDisciplex A.D.Candy Apple
XDisciplex A.D.Christ Shaped Vacuum
XDisciplex A.D.Counterfeit
XDisciplex A.D.Death Of Death
XDisciplex A.D.Eyewitness
XDisciplex A.D.Falling Down
XDisciplex A.D.Fight To The Death
XDisciplex A.D.Final Sunset
XDisciplex A.D.Heart Strings Broken
XDisciplex A.D.Little Big Man
XDisciplex A.D.My Own Way
XDisciplex A.D.One Voice For Counterrevolution
XDisciplex A.D.Open Heart Surgery
XDisciplex A.D.Pray Your Gods
XDisciplex A.D.Refuge And Strength
XDisciplex A.D.Revival
XDisciplex A.D.River Of Life
XDisciplex A.D.Scarab
XDisciplex A.D.See Me Through
XDisciplex A.D.Set To Destroy
XDisciplex A.D.Shoot Our Wounded
XDisciplex A.D.So Send I You
XDisciplex A.D.Stronger
XDisciplex A.D.Told You So
XDisciplex A.D.Trial By Fire
XDisciplex A.D.Unbeliever
XDisciplex A.D.Venomous
XDisciplex A.D.Yahweh