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Young ChrisYou're Gonna Love Me
Young ChrisWho's Gonna Take Me Home
Young ChrisWhite Lightning Hit The Family Tree
Young ChrisWhere Would I Be
Young ChrisWhat I Wish I'd Said
Young ChrisVoices
Young ChrisTwenty-One Candles
Young ChrisThree Rounds
Young ChrisThe Shoebox
Young ChrisThe Man I Want To Be
Young ChrisThe Dashboard
Young ChrisThat Makes Me
Young ChrisSmall Town Big Time
Young ChrisSee Me Cry
Young ChrisNo Heartache
Young ChrisLay It On Me
Young ChrisIt Takes A Man
Young ChrisI'm Headed Your Way
Young ChrisI'm Headed Your Way, Jose
Young ChrisI Wish I Was Lyin'
Young ChrisI Know You're Out There
Young ChrisHe's My Dad
Young ChrisHell No, Heaven Yes
Young ChrisGettin' You Home
Young ChrisGettin' You Home (The Black Dress Song)
Young ChrisFlowers
Young ChrisDrinkin' Me Lonely
Young ChrisDevil's Thumbprint
Young ChrisCenter Of My World
Young ChrisBurn
Young ChrisBeer and Gasoline
Young Chris94 Bars