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Zita Swoon3 Angels Song
Zita Swoon50 Years In Dope Jittery
Zita SwoonAbout The Succesful Emotional Recovery Of A Gal Na
Zita SwoonAt The Barbers'
Zita SwoonCircumstances
Zita SwoonCouldn't She Get Drowned
Zita SwoonFun For Free
Zita SwoonGiving Up The Hero
Zita SwoonHot Hotter Hottest
Zita SwoonI Am A Lover
Zita SwoonJosiewitchgirl
Zita SwoonMy Bond With You And Your Planet: Disco
Zita SwoonMy Heart Belongs To Someone Else (I Wish It Was Mine)
Zita SwoonMy Heart Belongs To Someone Else (I Wish It…
Zita SwoonNice
Zita SwoonNice (I Hope That When I Wake Up The World Will St
Zita SwoonOne Perfect Day
Zita SwoonOur Daily Reminders
Zita SwoonPeople Can't Stand The Truth
Zita SwoonRagdoll Blues
Zita SwoonShe = Like Meeting Jesus
Zita SwoonSong For A Dead Singer
Zita SwoonStamina
Zita SwoonStill Half My Friend?
Zita SwoonThe Bananaqueen
Zita SwoonThe French Trombone
Zita SwoonThe Rabbit Field
Zita SwoonThinking About You All The Time
Zita SwoonWhere's My Love?