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Luciano ligabue
A che ora e ' la fine del mondo

Primo tempo
A che ora e' la fine del mondo?

A che ora e' la fine del mondo?
A che ora e' la fine del mondo?

Roberto carlos
A che serve volare

Bree sharp
A cheap and evil girl

Fausto leali
A chi

Ricky shane
A chi - wozu

Ivana spagna
A chi dice no

A chi mi dice

Marlene kuntz
A chi succhia

Buonocore nino
A chi tutto e a chi niente

Nino buonocore
A chi tutto e a chi niente

Gemelli diversi
A chiara piace vivere

Cab calloway
A chicken ain't nothin but a bird

The magnetic fields
A chicken with its head cut off

Give me convenience or give me death
A child & his lawnmower

Student rick
A child 's cry

Dead kennedys
A child and his lawnmower

Amanda ghost
A child believes

A child called

Brand nubian
A child is born

Paul kantner
A child is coming

A child is missing

Stephen duffy
A child is waiting

Michelle shocked
A child like grace

God has a plan for us all
A child that walks in the path of a man

Erykah badu
A child with the blues

John cale
A child's christmas in wales

Buffalo springfield
A child's claim to fame

Student rick
A child's cry

Bryan duncan
A child's love

Clear light
A child's smile

D sisive
A childhood's end

Not animal!
A children's crusade on acid

Margot & the nuclear so and so's
A children's crusade on acid

Slick rick and altheway shay
A childrens story

Solo in soho
A childs lullaby

Nickel and dimes
A chilling winter wind

Doris day
A chocolate sundae on a saturday night

Eva dahlgren
A choice between life or senses

Destiny's end
A choice of graves

Riverboat gamblers
A choppy yet sincere apology

Deathspell omega
A chore for the lost

A chorus line

B-side companion
A chorus line 2000

Procol harum
A christmas camel

Evening wasted with tom lehrer
A christmas carol

Sakto sa pasko
A christmas gift

Reba mcentire
A christmas letter

The christmas album
A christmas love song