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Chris ledoux
A cowboy like me

Reba mcentire
A cowboy like you

Donny osmond
A cowboy needs a horse

Boy howdy
A cowboy's born with a broken heart

Clay walker
A cowboy's toughest ride

Bill staines
A cowboys hard times

Legendary pink dots
A crack in melancholy time

A crack in the ice

The man who would not die
A crack in the system

Blaze bayley
A crack in the system

Ride the sky
A crack in the wall

Calvin russell
A crack in time

Ferraby lionheart
A crack in time

Hope of the states
A crack up at the race riots

Nat king cole
A cradle in bethlehem

Vince gill
A cradle in bethlehem

The beautiful mistake
A cradle in bethlehem

Carrie newcomer
A crash of rhinoceros

Circle takes the square
A crater to cough in

Thy light
A crawling worm in a world of lies

Billy williams
A crazy little palace (that's my home)

Pat benatar
A crazy world like this

A crazy world like this

Modern day escape
A creature among us

Eddy mitchell
A credit et en stereo

The faint smell of suicide
A credit to dementia

Good riddance
A credit to his gender

Cradle of filth
A crescendo of passion bleeding

Eddy mitchell
A cridit et en stirio

A crime memoirs

A criminal mind

A criminal mind

Lawrence gowan
A criminal mind

The tossers
A criminal of me

Darker designs & images
A crimson coronation

Lake of tears
A crimson cosmos

Ordo draconis
A crimson dawn

Ordo draconis
A crimson dawn or an overture to the raven-feathered queen

Ashes you leave
A crimson shade

A crimson sky

Thus defiled
A crimson vision in the glade of shadowfire

Rumors of the secret war
A critical proposal

Evans blue
A cross and a girl named blessed

A cross for cain

A crow left of the murder

A crow left of the murder
A crow left of the murder

A crow on my shoulder

A crowd killer

My dying bride
A cruel taste of winter

Frost like ashes
A cruel verse