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Doug supernaw
Daddy made the dollars (mamma made the sense)

Daddy dj
Daddy mahmoud

Daddy never cried

Daddy never cried

James bonamy
Daddy never had a chance in hell

Confederate railroad
Daddy never was the cadillac kind

Steve martin
Daddy played the banjo

Daddy pop

Diamonds and pearls
Daddy pop

Daddy raised us kings

Johnny thunders
Daddy rollin' stone

New york dolls
Daddy rollin' stone

Johnny cash
Daddy sang bass

Mel tillis
Daddy sang bass

Nat stuckey
Daddy sang bass

Daddy says

Cheap trick
Daddy should have stayed in high school

Daddy stew

Daddy thing

Daddy untwisted

Boot camp clik
Daddy wanna

Anti flag
Daddy warabux

Daddy warbux

Anti flag
Daddy warbux

River city rebels
Daddy was a drunk

Kevin denney
Daddy was a navy man

Anti flag
Daddy was a rich man (part 2)

Daddy was her first man

Ming tea featuring austin powers
Daddy wasn't there

Daddy wasn't there

Ming tea
Daddy wasn't there (feat. austin powers)

Daddy went to war

Avril lavigne
Daddy went to war

Neil young
Daddy went walkin'

Bobby bare
Daddy what if

Montgomery gentry
Daddy won't sell the farm.

Tattoos & scars
Daddy wont sell the farm.

Kenny loggins
Daddy's back

The cardigans
Daddy's car

Bif naked
Daddy's getting married

Peter cetera
Daddy's girl

Red sovine
Daddy's girl

Big mike
Daddy's gone

Mark knopfler
Daddy's gone to knoxville

Daddy's gonna pay for your crashed car

Holly dunn
Daddy's hands

Big daddy kane
Daddy's home

Cliff richard
Daddy's home

Bikini kill
Daddy's li'l girl

Ja rule
Daddy's little baby