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New eden
I am

Twisted sister
I am

I am

I am

Nicole c. mullen
I am

Thorns (metal)
I am

The waiting
I am

The thorns
I am

Minding the gap
I am

I am

Straight outta junior high
I am

Steve perry
I am

Beneath... between... beyond...
I am

I am

Loopholes (in the system)
I am

Sent by ravens
I am

I am

Annette thompson
I am

Army of lovers
I am

Crush 40
I am (all of me)

Ninety pound wuss
I am (everything)

I am (interlude)

P. diddy (puff daddy)
I am (interlude)

Neil diamond
I am ... i said

Greatest hits live
I am ... i said

Billy gilman
I am / shades of life

Adventures in modern recording
I am a camera

Shonen knife
I am a cat

Let's knife
I am a cat

Neil young
I am a child

Buffalo springfield
I am a child

Roy harper
I am a child

Will oldham
I am a cinematographer

X-ray spex
I am a cliche

Boy hits car
I am a cloud

Austrian death machine
I am a cybernetic organism, living tissue over (metal) endoskeleton

I am a doctor

Card captor sakura
I am a dreamer

I am a dreamer (2nd series)

I am a fine musician

Israel houghton
I am a friend of god

I am a full grown man (i will lay in the grass all day)

Barbie the princess and the pauper
I am a girl like you

Forgive durden
I am a heart, watson. the rest of me is mere appendix

I am a highway

Born against
I am a idiot

Mary-kate & ashley olsen
I am a kid

Olsen twins
I am a kid

Kahimi karie
I am a kitten

I am a leaver