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Steve winwood
I 'll drown in my tears

I 'll follow the sun

Shocking blue
I 'll follow the sun

Toy dolls
I 'll get even with steven (steve is tender)

I 'll get you

Liz phair
I 'll get you high

Smalltown poets
I 'll give

I 'll give you everything you need

Humble pie
I 'll go alone

Alan jay lerner
I 'll go home with bonnie jean

Alan jackson
I 'll go on loving you

I 'll have it all today

George harrison
I 'll have you anytime

I 'll keep coming home

I 'll keep on loving you

Uriah heep
I 'll keep on trying

Ugly kid joe
I 'll keep tryin '

Trans-siberian orchestra
I 'll keep your secrets

Lil ' rob feat. mr. shadow, triple c
I 'll kill you

Lou gramm
I 'll know when it 's over

I 'll leave it in your hands

Happy rhodes
I 'll let you go

Donny osmond
I 'll make a man out of you

Teenage fanclub
I 'll make it clear

I 'll make it on my own

River city high
I 'll make it up to you

I 'll make you love me

I 'll meet you at midnight

Nanci griffith
I 'll move along

Reel big fish
I 'll never be

Bobby rydell
I 'll never dance again

Tom jones
I 'll never fall in love again

Tommy page
I 'll never forget you

Rick vito
I 'll never leave this love alive

Phillip sandifer
I 'll never make it without you

Q fish
I 'll never miss you

I 'll only say it once

Albert king
I 'll play the blues for you

I 'll put you on the guestlist

Hot chocolate
I 'll put you together again

Richard linda thompson
I 'll regret it all in the morning

I 'll remember

Zelmani sophie
I 'll remember you

Sophie zelmani
I 'll remember you

Beautiful south
I 'll sail this ship alone

Total touch
I 'll say goodbye

I 'll search

I 'll see it through

I 'll see that you aren 't woken up

Mourning sign
I 'll see to that